Well, here I am.
May 29th, 2011 by Augie Doggy

Time speeds by, doesn’t it?  It seems just yesterday that Cleo expressed her relief at not being elected president in 2008.  Since then, campaign headquarters at has remained as it was on election day.  The Golden Barker hasn’t published a new edition for nearly three years.  That’s okay.  It’s fitting that Cleo’s last column contained her reflections on the campaign and the future of the country under its then new president.  Politics was her passion.

So, moving on . . .   I created this wordpress blog and put it in a folder on the web site.  So far I haven’t put anything on the site that links to the blog though.  What I would like to do is create a space on the opening page of the website where someone would see the title and the first couple lines of the blog, so they could click on it and come to here and read the whole thing.  Does anyone know how to do that?  I’m pretty sure it can be done because I think I’ve seen sites that did that.

If I can figure that out, then I’ll do some updating and rearranging on the web site.  I’m sure Cleo would want me to put it to some good use.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Heh Heh.  That last question is a subtle way of getting you to comment on this blog so that I can see how the whole comment thing works in wordpress.


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  • Augie Doggy writes:
    May 29th, 20113:17 amat

    This is a test comment

  • Phil writes:
    May 30th, 20119:09 pmat

    I’m not sure but there may be some kind of option in the posting settings.

  • Robin writes:
    May 30th, 20119:21 pmat

    Cleo would be so proud..

  • Robin writes:
    May 30th, 20119:22 pmat

    <– I'm a ghost of myself over here..

  • Phil writes:
    May 30th, 20119:30 pmat

    YOU WHAT!!!

  • Augie Doggy writes:
    May 30th, 20119:42 pmat

    Woo Hoo ! It works, I guess. Now I have to figure out how to integrate it.

  • Belle writes:
    May 30th, 20119:47 pmat

    Good boy. You did good.

  • Mad Grey Cat writes:
    May 30th, 201110:10 pmat

    This is a test comment.

  • It's A Secret. Can You Guess? writes:
    May 30th, 201110:15 pmat

    I can teach a young dog new tricks

    • Augie Doggy writes:
      May 30th, 201110:46 pmat

      My sidekick is a little older, and around the corner. Did I guess?

  • Elphaba writes:
    May 30th, 201110:35 pmat

    I am just here to support the progressives.

  • Someone really cute writes:
    May 30th, 201111:02 pmat

    I have nothing intelligent to add, I like to be consistent.

  • a little Rei of sunshine writes:
    May 30th, 201111:04 pmat

    All I know is that the RSS url is but I can’t remember how to use it. Maybe try one of the options here…

    • Augie Doggy writes:
      May 30th, 201111:10 pmat

      In poking around, I can see that understanding RSS feeds may be important. That’s another subject where I’m pretty illiterate, but I’ll look into it and figure it out.

  • a little Rei of sunshine writes:
    May 30th, 201111:15 pmat

    Augie, here’s a javascript generator that is fairly customizable

  • RequiredNameDude writes:
    May 30th, 201111:28 pmat

    Dang, I don’t know why you all had trouble with the name thingie. Heck, it tells you what to put!
    Otay, I am confused (wow, like that’s never happenned before!). So this is a blog that is part of some other blog site?

    • Augie Doggy writes:
      May 30th, 201111:48 pmat

      I call your confused and raise you two bewildereds. I already have a domain with a home page and stuff, and I want to add a little block that includes the latest news generated from word press. Cleo used to just post whatever her thoughts were and would link it to The Golden Barker newspaper, because she didn’t care what anyone else thought. But I was thinking it would be nice to integrate the blog into a web site, so people could make comments.

  • gator writes:
    May 31st, 20115:59 amat

    well for one Augie let me say I think we can use a change in administration this coming election..and perhaps a fine canine might be the answer..just saying

  • Chanted writes:
    May 31st, 20116:21 amat

    I don’t know how to do the synopsis/link thing, though I know what you’re talking about.

    For the “latest news generated from word press” look for an RSS feed on their site and post that. I’m sure it’s around somewhere. 🙂

    Yay you for the update!

  • Kata24 writes:
    May 31st, 201110:46 amat

    I’m so sure that Cleo would have loved this.
    Thanks for posting this Auggie. I hope you found
    some healing in all of this too!

  • caddy writes:
    May 31st, 20111:17 pmat

    you did quite well augie…

  • The Great One from Ohio writes:
    May 31st, 20115:39 pmat

    I made it!

  • Mikibob writes:
    May 31st, 20116:13 pmat

    I am mixed up as to what site I am on… too many blogs all over the place, me…

  • Mikisew writes:
    May 31st, 20116:15 pmat

    Is this the right handle?

  • Mikisew writes:
    May 31st, 20116:16 pmat

    YES! I am the CAT!!!

  • shayna writes:
    May 31st, 201110:36 pmat

    Just don’t get too techie will you Augie, otherwise I will get lost…again! lol

  • madweegie writes:
    June 1st, 201112:18 pmat

    Hiya augie 🙂

    Cant help, have no clue ! just came in to do ma nosy lol

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